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Clay Use Guidelines

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  • Only clay purchased through SPG can be used in our classes. If you have clay left over from one series, you can use it in the next one. The cost of a bag of clay includes two firings and glazing and accounts for wear on our kilns. This is why a bag costs more than if you bought it at a local store.

  • In any class series, you may buy up to 2 extra bags of clay, assuming your clay is being used for class projects and not production work. You may only buy one bag at a time. Finish one bag before you buy the next one. If you feel you need more than 2 bags, talk with your Teacher who may authorize more clay.

  • The clay you purchase is intended for use in the classroom only. On special occasion students may take home a project to finish something which is time sensitive; eg carving. Talk with your Teacher if you wish to use some of your clay at home.

April, 2016